Is Freelancing right for you

Photo by Rodeo Project Management Software on Unsplash When I started as a freelancer, I used to read many such articles and was quite fascinated by many of them. But little did I think if freelancing was for me. In my opinion, not everybody can sustain as a freelancer for long unless they have a few qualities. Every... Continue Reading →

Why NIKE Can’t ‘Just Do It” Anymore

Photo by Jan Szwagrzyk on Unsplash Simone Biles’s recent walkout from the big brand — Nike, raised the eyebrows of many. She was the second female athlete to split from the brand to join a relatively smaller brand. I felt like it wasn’t just about my achievements, it’s what I stood for and how they are going to... Continue Reading →

What does the burning Amazon rainforest Teach us?

Photo by Vincent Maret on Unsplash The murky future of the world is inevitable with the current rate of Global warming and Climate change. World leaders are actively and heavily funding to curb the causes for this seemingly inexorable crisis.Climate change is not a one-off instance but a process and has been happening over the years, Global warming... Continue Reading →

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