It’s 100 followers now!

Thanks to all my fellow bloggers and others who have been kind enough to follow me. This means a lot. Please keep supporting me . This is just the beginning and would like to be part of many more milestones in the blogging world to come. Thank you all once again. Take it easy and... Continue Reading →

Salary for housewives – An idea to ponder

With the Tamil Nadu legislative assembly election fast approaching, election campaigns are in full swing in the state. Political parties are increasing or rather trying to maintain their vote banks through various election promises. Recently, Mr. Kamal Hassan from the ‘Makkal Needhi Maiam’ party, as part of his election manifesto, put forth the idea of... Continue Reading →

Why is Drishyam 2 a must watch

The success of any movie is a flawless storyline and how all the open plots are solved at the end; Biopics and movies based on true life apparently become a hit nowadays because one cannot find logical flaws in such genre. But to do the same in a fictional genre, it lays entirely on the capability of the director and Jeethu Joseph has mastered it with his ‘Drishyam’ brand.

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