What does the burning Amazon rainforest Teach us?

Photo by Vincent Maret on Unsplash The murky future of the world is inevitable with the current rate of Global warming and Climate change. World leaders are actively and heavily funding to curb the causes for this seemingly inexorable crisis.Climate change is not a one-off instance but a process and has been happening over the years, Global warming... Continue Reading →

New agriculture bill 2020 – pro or anti-farmer?

Modi’s government has faced continuous criticism for bringing in any new reform right from demonetization, Article 370, NEP, NEET, Citizenship Amendment Act to the recent ‘New agricultural bill’. Though the vision and the intention behind most of the schemes were right, the schemes were always implemented a little too quickly without knowing the public opinion.... Continue Reading →

Presidential debate – The current trend

A country's leader is a person who envisions and creates an inspiring future; it is expected that he/she sets an example for the future leaders to emerge. But nowadays more than a 'leader', countries are led by 'masters' who can neither preach nor practice but just wants things done. The nearing US presidential elections are... Continue Reading →

Kamala Harris :Should Indians chest thump

Elections are around the corner with the fall campaigns about to begin soon. This election has always been in spotlight for various factors like COVID, mail in ballot issues, controversies around Trump and the latest being democratic party's VP candidate selection. The official announcement of Biden’s running mate was much delayed and there were many... Continue Reading →

Mail in Ballot- What Could Go wrong

US elections, every 4 years is an important affair considering the country’s economic significance in global market. Choosing the right candidate is one of the important and rightful duty of any Citizen. This year this duty of theirs could be challenged by a couple of factors like the COVID and the uncertainties around the Mail-In... Continue Reading →

EU Approach towards COVID

Europe has been one of the worlds most affected nations by COVID. The EU had miserably failed during their initial days of the pandemic, mainly because they could not react fast enough. Since EU was hit relatively earlier than the other countries, there were no clear strategies in place. So, how did they bounce back?... Continue Reading →

NEP 2020 draft – (India)

Any reform in any field generally undergoes a lot of controversies. The NEP(National Education policy), India 2020 draft has many key reforms that are well thought and planned by an efficient panel.This draft once released sparked a lot of debate on a few points that a certain group of people thought would take the education... Continue Reading →

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