Jalapeno bread

Baking is such a stress buster, that too when your baked product turns out good the joy that it gives is tremendous. My recent baking of Jalapeno bread brought the whole family together, each of us having fun adding the ingredients. Without much ado let's jump into the recipe. Note: This recipe of Jalapeno bread... Continue Reading →

Mushroom biriyani

Mushroom biriyani is one of my favorite lunch meal since my marriage. This mushroom biriyani is a simple yet delicious recipe for many biriyani lovers to try out. Mushroom being one of the easiest vegetable to chop it has always been my go to option when I crave for biriyani. Since, mushrooms are a highly... Continue Reading →

Chocolate nut balls

This chocolate nut ball is a quick and delicious recipe made from nuts and condensed milk. Though ‘Trick or Treat’ is impossible during this time of COVID, kids’ enthusiasm for chocolates never fades. So, I decided to try out a homemade chocolate ball which could be an alternate for the store-bought chocolates. Let’s jump into... Continue Reading →

Nutrient rich breakfast smoothie

Now that the kids’ school has started, are you running out of ideas for making their breakfast? I was pretty much on the same boat until I tried out this fruit yogurt. Since my kids really enjoyed this; thought of sharing the recipe with you all.  This cup of yogurt is rich in protein, calcium,... Continue Reading →

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